Managing Relationships Within Power BI Service. The feature to edit and open the Data Model in Power BI Service has introduced the ability to also manage relationships in this environment. This relatively new feature streamlines the process, saving time compared to making changes in Power BI Desktop and republishing.

Getting Started

Open your report in Power BI Service and click on “Edit.” Once in editing mode, access the “Open Data Model” option and navigate to “Manage Relationships.” This window provides a straightforward approach to handling various relationship aspects within the service. See link at the end of the post on how to turn on this feature on if required. 

In the example below, we will create a new relationship within the service. Currently, no relationship exists between the Business unit dimension and Contract data the Fact, so let’s add it:

  • Click on Manage Relationships.
Data model view of existing relationships

Data model view












Managing Relationships

From this menu, it is possible to manage aspects of relationships you would expect to see in the desktop version of PBI, such as:

  • Add a new relationship, From & To Table.
  • Cardinality and filter direction.
  • Switch status to inactive/active.
Power BI Service Manage Relationships window

Manage Relationships








Under New Relationship, the from and to tables can be set, and in this case, the Cardinality is set to One to Many (1:*).

  • As within PBI Desktop, you can also set more advanced features like cross filters, security filters in both directions, and referential integrity.
Create Relationships between tables

Create Relationships


Once complete, the new relationship is visible in the data model and from the Manage Relationships tab. Come back here to edit as required

Manage Relationships that exist or add new ones here

Manage Relationships


More on Managing Relationships within Power BI Service can be found in the Microsoft release notes found here – Power BI October 2023 Feature Summary | Microsoft Power BI Blog | Microsoft Power BI

And on the Microsoft Learn Platform – Edit data models in the Power BI service (preview) – Power BI | Microsoft Learn

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