In the world of data platforms, Alex, a renowned worldwide speaker, has always championed the importance of providing a platform for emerging voices to share their knowledge and experiences. Enter Data Relay—an event spanning over five days and five cities, tailor-made for those eager to take the plunge into the dynamic realm of public speaking, one leg at a time! This year, Joe and Lewis, seized the opportunity to dip their webbed toes into the speaking pond.

Joe taking a selfie with the entrance hall sign for his session at Data Relay

Joe kicked off the Data Relay journey at the historic Bletchley Park on Monday, captivating the audience with his talk on ‘Harnessing the Power of DAX Engines.’ The following Thursday, the spotlight shifted to Lewis in Birmingham, where he shared insights on ‘Model Creation in Azure AutoML and Ingestion Through Excel.’ Not one to shy away from a challenge, Lewis hopped on the organizer’s bus for another session up in Manchester.

Lewis speaking in a cinema at Data Relay on the topic of AutoML

What’s the verdict?

For both Joe and Lewis, the experience proved to be a baptism of fire—a trial by technology, with Joe fearlessly navigating through the dreaded blue screen of death. As any seasoned speaker would attest, handling such a glitch with poise is a true testament to one’s adaptability and expertise. Despite the technical hiccup, both speakers found the audience to be not only forgiving but genuinely interested in the topics presented, and eager to engage with questions and discussions.

Reflecting on their speaking experiences, Joe and Lewis unanimously agreed that it was a “great event” and an excellent opportunity for first-time speakers. The chance to collaborate with like-minded individuals and engage in networking activities added an invaluable layer to their participation. Looking ahead, both frogs expressed enthusiasm about participating in future events and wholeheartedly recommended Data Relay to other new speakers looking to take their first steps onto the stage.

As Alex continues to champion the cause of fostering new voices in the data platform community, events like Data Relay become not just a platform for sharing insights but a stepping stone for the next generation of speakers. Here’s to the continued success of Joe, Lewis, and all those taking their leap into the speaking pond—may their voices resonate far and wide in the ever-evolving world of data platforms.

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