After 6 months of public preview, Microsoft Fabric is now in production and generally available! 🎉

The announcement was made today at Microsoft Ignite, in Seattle. A round up of the news can be found at


Here is a summary of some of the Fabric changes that we are looking forward to:

Mirroring in Fabric

Announced – expected in Q4 2023

Mirroring is a real-time clone of an Azure SQL DB, Cosmos DB and Snowflake DB in a Fabric workspace, allowing you to use Fabric features as a high performing reporting layer. Compatibility with other databases are expected at a later date. Read more on mirroring here: Introducing Mirroring in Microsoft Fabric 


Semantic Model

Immediate Change

Previously called Power BI Datasets, Fabric has now renamed these to ‘Semantic Model’. They will work in the same way, the only difference is the name change. This renaming will be seen by Power BI users as well as Fabric users.


Microsoft Copilot

Immediate Change

Copilot is now available in Fabric as a preview. This will allow users to use natural language to work faster and more effectively with their data in Fabric.

Copilot will also be appearing in other Microsoft products and tools including Teams, Outlook, Office, Power Automate and more!


Azure AI Services

There will be a host of new enhancements to the Azure AI Service. This will include more support for GPT-4 and DALL-E 3 for large language models and image processing applications.

And so much more..!


For an in-depth roadmap of releases coming to Fabric, check out

Here at Purple Frog we are already working with our customers to create Fabric analytics solutions. We would be happy to discuss how we could work with you to create your own Fabric solution, or a bespoke AI or Copilot to empower your team, customers and business to a whole new level.

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