Something that we at Purple Frog take very seriously is the mental health and well-being of the staff. The emphasis is very much on helping each other as a team. We all rely on each other in different ways and for different things which means we all need to keep an eye on and an eye out for each other.

Various factors in the workplace can cause stress or increase the risk of developing or worsening existing mental health problems. These include unrealistic workloads, lack of support, long hours, poor management practices, bullying or harassment, lack of communication, unclear roles and responsibilities, poor work/life balance, the physical environment (e.g. lighting, noise, ventilation), and lack of opportunities for career progression.

Productivity, performance, attendance, staff retention, and morale are all affected when employees experience poor mental health.

Whether it is dealing with grief, relationships, or the current cost of living crisis – we are all dealing with something.

The phrase ‘first world problems’ is used quite a lot and usually in recognition that in the grand scheme of things, there is undoubtedly someone dealing with a problem that far exceeds yours. However large or small, that doesn’t take away the fact that you have something that you are dealing with and is affecting you.

Things to make a difference:

  • Reading the room – noticing when someone is not quite themselves and just asking if they are okay or need a chat. Communication is a fundamental part of any business, yet at times it can feel the hardest of things.
  • Try to laugh – encourage hard-working but enjoyable environments. Quote of the month means keeping an eye on what you say out loud!
  • Music in the workplace – it might not be to everyone’s taste but maybe it’s time to show off those DJing skills.
  • Monthly 121 chats with HR – this gives people the chance to talk about how they are getting on and what they want to achieve in a private and confidential discussion.
  • Break time not breaking time – It’s really important to recognise when someone needs a change or a break – this could be work or time off. We work in increasingly pressured roles with deadlines and changes. If you see that someone just needs half an hour away from their desk, well that’s much better than days away or never returning at all.

Something really small can make a big difference.

We have seen this year that when required our team are always willing to step up and help each other where needed and in general keep an eye on each other. We are not perfect, but we’ll try our very best to make sure everyone on our team is doing ok.

In the working world, we train in all areas of applications and systems but maybe the most important thing to learn is how to talk to someone who is struggling – these mental health UK webinars tackle just that

Check them out, and not just for you!