Last week the Purple Frog Systems / Power BI Sentinel team took flight and headed from Birmingham over to Dublin, Ireland. For one main reason – Data Ceili, Ireland’s biggest data platform event!


First things first, we went to Data Ceili on behalf of sponsoring the event as Power BI Sentinel. It was a BLAST. This free community conference provided us with some great conversations and valuable leads all whilst the team was away learning about all the newest technologies (Did someone say Fabric?)

Throughout data ceili, we showcased our Ultimate Power BI Toolkit to the masses whilst giving away handy swag and scanning entries to win some LEGO. Not just any LEGO, the Millennium Falcon!🛰️

But, from a Purple Frog perspective, we went with team development and encouragement in mind. Spending time as a team in a relaxed environment, although while working, allowed for boosted morale. We spent time learning about each other hobbies and interests while absorbing the new and upcoming data trends from some amazing speakers.

The most important part of visiting Dublin for Data Ceili for the Purple Frog team is most definitely communication. When employees work as a team, they communicate. Taking away the desk (and replacing it with a bar? 🍻) allows the frogs to further understand their own roles as well as their peers.

Do you need ANOTHER reason to treat your team and take them out for the day? Spending time together, as a team, is an awesome way to bring out some friendly competition (Even if that is who can drink the most Guinness 🤷). This reflects in the workspace through multiple channels – team spirit and efficiency!

“The nicest thing about teamwork is that you always have others on your side.” – Margaret Carty

So, if you were thinking about taking your team out of the office, we can highly recommend and encourage you to do so as we believe it to have a genuine impact!