It’s been a while since we have updated the news tab, shame on us, we know! So, I thought I’d run through all our new starters (Even though this is over the course of a year and a bit!) and give them the credit they deserve on the News page.

Let’s start in order of who has been with us the longest… (only 608 days late!)



Lewis started with us way back (do we dare say during COVID times?) nearly 2 years ago now, as a Machine Learning developer as we began to explore the depths of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, which Lewis proved is 100% a business move you need to make sooner rather than later. Fast forward 2 years and I don’t think the office can remember a time without him. Is it still valid to say, ‘Welcome Lewis’?



Tom got graced with the shortest ‘newbie’ AKA Tadpole period of the entire team as he picked up the ropes and had two weeks before our next hire. Tom is currently working as a Junior BI developer alongside the rest of the team and is simultaneously dabbling in some creative aspects such as website updates and design too.



2 weeks after Tom, Callum joined the Purple Frog Team after finishing his Computer science degree (and building a robot!). He joined the group as a Junior Azure Data Engineer with lots of knowledge to share. Since then he has signed up to be a STEM ambassador, continued his learning, and much more during his 9 months at the FrogPlex.


James only joined the team three months ago as a BI Developer and it’s safe to say he has fit in with the team and started to gain even more knowledge needed for his role from the get-go. James has a bunch of experience before he came to Purple Frog, but one that really piqued our interest was that he worked in China looking at European entry strategies for Railway infrastructure! How cool?


The newest member of our team is Laura who joins us as a Junior Data Analyst. She has recently completed a Data Science MSc at the University Centre Chester (Shrewsbury). The course is ideal for those interested in data analytics, machine learning, statistics, and Python for data science. Purple Frog was on the advisory board to help create the course syllabus. We are looking forward to Laura putting into practice what she has learned!


Interested in joining the team? It’s always worth sending your CV and a cover letter rover to the team! You can do so here!