Archive: April 2022

  • Download Power BI Reports using PowerShell

    In this blog post I will be sharing a PowerShell script that allows multiple Power BI reports to be downloaded at once. In the Power BI service, there is no way of downloading multiple Power BI reports at once. Therefore, users must download files one by one which is slow, time consuming and inefficient. Thankfully, there are ways around this, one of which is using PowerShell. The script is downloadable at the bottom of the page as a txt file.…

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  • How to parameterise the Execute Pipeline activity in Azure Synapse Analytics.

    Unfortunately, as of April 2022 there is not an option to parameterise or add dynamic content to an “Execute Pipeline” activity to invoke a pipeline run. However, with the use of a Microsoft API there is method which we can use to overcome this. In this blog post we’ll use the “Pipeline – Create Pipeline Run” API documented below:…

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