Archive: January 2022

  • How to resolve SSIS “Row yielded no match during lookup” error.

    Have you ever been faced with the SSIS error “Row yielded no match during lookup”? If so, this blog is for you! A customer of ours recently faced the same issue in one of their SSIS packages and asked us to investigate this for them. Initial investigations on their side highlighted that when they replicated the lookup component using a standard join in T-SQL (similar to the image below) it returned the expected results. So why was SSIS…

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  • Azure Backup for Virtual Machines

    Configuring Backups Backups are configured for each VM individually, selecting their own retention policies and routines. They can however utilise the same storage and vaults. 1. Select the Backup option under “Operations” in the sidebar of the VM management page, on 2. Give your backup Vault a name, (where the backups will be stored), and select the resource group you’d like it to be in. 3.…

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