Archive: October 2021

  • Automate changing SSIS connection at runtime

    Recently a customer came to us with an issue: “We have a primary/secondary AlwaysOn failover cluster, we want the data warehouse ETL to always pull from the secondary read-only replica. When the primary fails over, how can we detect this and repoint the ETL to the new secondary?” This led us to the following qualification steps:1. Is the secondary server accessible? a. Yes – Use it. b. No – Try the primary server.2. Is…

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  • Purple Frog wins prestigious national award from CompTIA

    Purple Frog Systems has been named as Best Solution Provider at the UK Spotlight Business Awards. The awards are organised by CompTIA who are globally recognised as one of the IT industry’s top trade associations. One of the Directors, Hollie Whittles, also won a commendation for her work in the UK Business Technology Community Leadership category. Purple Frog provide data analytics solutions to help enterprise scale organisations to…

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  • Replicating SQL windowing functions in Power Query.

    I’m sure you’ve all heard of windowing functions in SQL Server? But what if you need to replicate these windowing functions in Power Query? Here I have a sample CarSales.csv dataset of car sales per brand, per year, per month and the number of units sold. I will use this dataset to demonstrate how we can replicate the windowing LAG function in Power Query. In my example I’d like to calculate the month on month sales growth per car…

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