Archive: December 2020

  • Azure Analysis Services Cube Backup

    This blog is a quick guide on how to back up an Azure Analysis Services cube using PowerShell. The PowerShell is used in a runbook inside an Automation account in Azure to automate the backup process. A pre-requisite for this is to configure the backup storage settings, this details the location of the backups. Two parameters are passed into the runbook (shown below), where AnalysisServerName is the server name for the analysis services cube and…

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  • ADF Switch Activity – A neat solution for nested IFs.

    Whilst carrying out some work for a client using Azure Data Factory I was presented with the challenge of triggering different activities depending on the result of a stored procedure. In fact the challenge posed was to… Execute ‘Copy A’ activity if the result of a stored procedure returned (A), Execute ‘Copy B’ activity if the result of a stored procedure returned (B), Execute ‘Copy C’ activity if the result of a stored…

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  • Tabular Cube Processing Report

    I have created a Power BI report which provides detail on the state of processing in a Tabular Cube.The report uses the cube’s dynamic management views to provide information about the cube’s partitions. To use the tabular cube processing report, you need to insert the following information: Server Database (Cube Name) Once entered and assuming the connection is fine you need to accept some native queries. These statements are select…

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