If you’ve tried deploying a .ispac using the Integration Services Deployment Wizard, you may have come across the following error:

By default SQL Server uses the 32-bit version of the Deployment Wizard, which is why you’ll be getting the Out of Memory error. If you instead launch the Wizard from the 64-bit location, (default is C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\130\DTS\Binn\ISDeploymentWizard.exe), then you should be able to deploy with no problem. (Please note, the “130” part of the above string may be different, depending on the version of SQL you have installed. This may reside in one of the other numbered folders in that location).

Using the same server and same project, the 32-bit deployment took over an hour and then failed with the error message, while the 64-bit took under a minute and deployed without issue!

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