Alex Whittles has been confirmed as one of the headline speakers at a high-profile event next year.

Founder of Purple Frog Systems Ltd in Telford, which designs and manages cutting edge business intelligence solutions, will address more than 800 delegates at the 2019 TECHSevern Conference & Exhibition on September 24, at Theatre Severn in Shrewsbury.

Organised by Shropshire Council, the event will bring together some of the world’s leading academics, policy influencers and decision makers to discuss the future of housing, technology-enabled care, digi-health, education, construction and eco and green technology.

Alex works with clients around the world and travels globally for speaking engagements. He will demonstrate their innovations at the conference and will share his knowledge with local government and health officials, business professionals and those working in education and housing.

Alex, who was honoured with the prestigious Most Valuable Professional (MVP) accolade from Microsoft in 2015 for his exceptional technical expertise, said: “I am delighted to be attending this event to share my knowledge and expertise with such a diverse audience.

“Technology is continually advancing and it’s sometimes hard for local government organisations and businesses to keep up to speed. During this event I’ll be talking about machine learning and big data, and how this can influence decision making, cut costs and boost performance. Using platforms like Microsoft Azure, we can build artificial intelligence (AI) solutions that augment human capabilities to increase speed and efficiency so that companies can achieve more.”

Alex will be joined by several other key speakers including Flora Samuel, Professor of Architecture in the Built Environment at the University of Reading, Jane Briginshaw, director of Design England, Helen Olsen Bedford, joint founder and publisher of UKAuthority and Steven Jones, director of Sector 39 Permaculture Design Academy.

The conference is designed to help businesses and local government organisations stay ahead of the game when it comes to emerging and current technology trends which are shaping their industries.