June has been a very busy month for us at the FrogPlex – Firstly Lukasz joined the team, to help work on our clients’ business intelligence projects, and also to expand our Machine Learning and Advanced Analytics capability.

In his first month he’s already been tackling projects in SSIS, Data Lake Analytics, building customer churn models in R, as well as providing support to our existing customers. A very warm welcome to the team Lukasz, delighted to have you join us!

Then Ryan joined us for two weeks work experience, from Haberdashers’ Adams school in Newport, Shropshire. He’s been doing some amazing work in Power BI, getting himself up to speed and producing a number of amazing production ready dashboards for our internal use.

I think we may have found a future Purple Frog consultant in the making!

We’ve also just signed up another member of the team, to start in September – but more about them in a future article. We’re filling up the new office quickly!