As Azure becomes the new normal for many organisations our architecture diagrams become ever more complicated. Articulating our designs/data flows to management or technical audiences therefore requires a new group of cloud service icons in our pretty pictures. Especially for hybrid solutions. Sadly those icons aren’t yet that familiar for most. So, here’s a very simple blog post to help you recognise what’s in the Azure stack from a Purple Frog business intelligence perspective, in no particular order.

All of the following having been snipped from the Azure portal dashboard so there shouldn’t be any surprises once you start working with these services.

    Data Catalogue   Data Factory
  Batch Service   Data Lake Storage
  Data Lake Analytics   Power BI
  Cosmos DB   IoT Hub
  Event Hub   Stream Analytics
  Machine Learning   SQL DB
  SQL DW   Logical SQL Server
  Data Management Gateway         Analysis Services
  Resources   Virtual Machine
  Azure Active Directory   Blob Storage

Happy drawing!