Archive: May 2017

  • Cognitive Services with U-SQL (Reference Guide)

    This post is a reference guide to support an event talk or webinar. The content is intended to assist the audience only. Thank you. Abstract Microsoft’s Cognitive Services are basically the best thing since sliced bread, especially for anybody working with data. Artificial intelligence just got packaged and made available for the masses to download. In this short talk, I’ll take you on a whirl wind tour of how to use these massively…

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  • Recursive U-SQL With PowerShell (U-SQL Looping)

    In its natural form U-SQL does not support recursive operations and for good reason. This is a big data, scale out, declarative language where the inclusion of procedural, iterative code would be very unnatural. That said, if you must pervert things PowerShell can assist with the looping and dare I say the possibility for dynamic U-SQL. A couple of caveats… From the outset, I accept this abstraction with PowerShell to achieve some…

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