Archive: March 2017

  • SQLBits 2017 – Several Shades of Purple

    This year Purple Frog Systems are getting involved in SQLBits more than ever before! With Europe’s biggest Microsoft data platform conference being hosted in our home town of Telford we had to set the frogs free and add our special shade of amphibious purple to the 2017 event. We’re part of the event organising committee. We’re official event sponsors. We’re official conference helpers. We’re speaking in sessions. We’re recruiting.…

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  • Storing U-SQL Assemblies in Azure Blob Storage

    I’m hoping the title of this post is fairly self explanatory. Your here because like me you found that the MSDN language reference page for creating U-SQL assemblies states that it’s possible to store the DLL’s in Azure Blob Storage. But it doesn’t actually tell you how. Well please continue my friends and I’ll show you how. The offending article: The…

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