Archive: February 2017

  • Creating a U-SQL Date Dimension & Numbers Table in Azure Data Lake

    Now we all know what a date dimension is and there are plenty of really great examples out there for creating them in various languages. Well, here’s my U-SQL version creating the output from scratch using a numbers table. Remember that U-SQL needs to be handled slightly differently because we don’t have any iterative functionality available. Plus its ability to massively parallelise jobs means we can’t write something that…

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  • Passing Parameters to U-SQL from Azure Data Factory

    Let’s try and keep this post short and sweet. Diving right in imagine a scenario where we have an Azure Data Factory (ADF) pipeline that includes activities to perform U-SQL jobs in Azure Data Lake (ADL) Analytics. We want to control the U-SQL by passing the ADF time slice value to the script, hopefully a fairly common use case. This isn’t yet that intuitive when constructing the ADF JSON activity so I hope this post will save…

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