Archive: December 2016

  • Writing a U-SQL Merge Statement

    Unlike T-SQL, U-SQL does not currently support MERGE statements. Our friend that we have come to know and love since its introduction in SQL Server 2008. Not only that, but U-SQL also doesn’t currently support UPDATE statements either… I know… Open mouth emoji required! This immediately leads to the problem of change detection in our data and how, for example, we should handle the ingestion of a daily rolling 28-day TSV extract,…

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  • Showing December to December to see opening values for a year in SSAS/MDX

    I came across an interesting MDX challenge this week; within a cube’s Date dimension, how to show December twice, once where it should be and again as the opening value for the following year. i.e. for each year I need to show Dec (prev yr), Jan, …, Nov, Dec. Why? Well if you consider the following pivot chart, you can clearly see growth from Jan to Feb, Feb to Mar, etc., but it’s very difficult to see the growth between Dec…

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  • Azure Data Lake Authentication from Azure Data Factory

    rereTo set the scene for the title of this blog post lets firstly think about other services within Azure. You’ll probably already know that most services deployed require authentication via some form of connection string and generated key. These keys can be granted various levels of access and also recycled as required, for example an IoT Event Hub seen below (my favourite service to play with). Then we have other services like SQLDB that…

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