Archive: August 2016

  • Changing the Start Up App on Windows 10 IoT Core

    Changing the start up application on your IoT device running Windows IoT Core seems to be a common requirement once the device is out in the field so I hope this post exploring a few different ways of doing this will be of value to people. To clarify the behaviour we will achieve below is from device power on our Windows 10 IoT Core operating system will boot up. But instead of starting the default application which is originally named…

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  • Installing Windows 10 IoT Core On Your Raspberry Pi

    At a recent SQL Server User Group in Birmingham I presented an end to end IoT solution streaming data from sensors on a Raspberry Pi 3. What followed the talk was a very simple question from an audience member asking basically; how do you get started with doing this? It then occurred to me that I had missed out the vital information for getting the Windows 10 IoT Core operating system (OS) onto the device. In the following article I hope to…

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