As part of the STEM ambassador programme on Friday 8th July Purple Frog’s Paul Andrew went along to Weston Road Academy in Stafford to teach the Year 10 ICT class basic T-SQL syntax

 using the latest Microsoft SQL Server 2016 technology.

Due to limitations on the local school network we weren’t able to get SQL Server Express installed. This presented the perfect opportunity to use the power and elasticity of the Microsoft Azure cloud by spinning up 17x virtual machines for the training event. Students were then able to remote desktop into the virtual servers and experience first-hand what a real world enterprise grade database management system would look and feel like.


By the end of the 2 hour session students had learnt and written basic T-SQL data manipulation queries covering SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE with references to real world applications used throughout.

We are very proud to have been given the opportunity to plant the seeds for the next generation of data scientists, analysts and developers.

A very big thank you to Weston Road Academy staff for their warm welcome and the efforts extended to make this knowledge sharing visit possible.