Once I was blind, but now I see!

In the early part of 2015 (I think) a work colleague and friend suggested that on Thursday evening I attend the SQL Server Midlands User Group. The event was completely new to me, I’d neverSQLBitsXVPic1 before ventured outside my professional comfort zone, or even had any appreciation that there was such a gathering about SQL Server locally. Anyway, I registered and got some more details. The event was currently ran by some guy called Alex Whittles.

Thursday evening came around and I made the journey from Stafford to Birmingham and the venue for the user group, the Midlands Art Centre (MAC). Little did I know that this event was to become the catalyst for my career and involvement in the SQL Server community. Needless to say the event was a massive eye opener to how close the SQL Server user community was, not just socially, but in terms of knowledge sharing and skills transfer. Family is the best way to describe it, a massive SQL Family.

Time passed and I proceeded to attend the next few Midlands User Groups, meeting new people and listening to the rich variety of speakers that gave up there time to attend each session. In short I was hooked. I might compare myself to the robot Johnny 5 from the 1986 film Short Circuit needing “more input”. Well the webinars started to flow and I quickly realised that I needed to shed my current skin and public sector employer and engage more with the SQL Server Community with a view to expanding my horizons.

Next I attended the Azure User Group, SQL Relay, SQL Saturday Exeter and then the big one SQL Bits XV (which was also the technical launch for SQL Server 2016). I was honoured to be an official helper at my first ever SQL Bits which felt incredible to be part of this huge event. Meeting people that are as passionate about what they do as I am was truly inspiring.

During this time my ambitions were rewarded and through the SQL Server Midlands User Group that guy I mentioned above, Alex Whittles, became my boss! I joined Purple Frog Systems as a Business Intelligence Developer in March 2016.


So what next? Well my friend, keep an eye on this blog and lets find out.


Thanks Rob for the pictures.




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