Archive: May 2015

  • First thoughts on DataZen

    Following the recent announcement of Microsoft acquiring DataZen, I’ve been having a play around to see what it can and can’t do. Here’s a very brief summary so far: The Good: Very quick and easy design interface Fantastic way of modifying dashboard layout for tablets and mobile devices It seems to ‘just work’ very well You don’t have to worry about the pixel perfect layout of what’s where, it takes care…

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  • Excel creates inefficient MDX

    Whilst investigating a slow set of Excel pivot tables (connected to a multidimensional SSAS cube), I found some odd behaviour in how Excel generates its MDX, sometimes doing far more work than if required and causing significant performance reduction. Take the following example, just querying Customer Count by Promotion, against the AdventureWorks cube. The profile trace (just using “Query Begin”, “Query End” and…

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