Today marks the launch of the new and improved Purple Frog Systems website. We’ve upgraded both the website and blog backend systems to provide more content flexibility and to allow for further growth and bandwidth capacity. We hope you like the new look.

Our services section is not only intended to explain what we do as a company, but also as a business intelligence reference guide. If you’re learning about business intelligence and want to know what it is and how it all works, please have a look. if there’s anything that you think needs enhancing or new content adding then please let us know. We’re always looking to expand it further, and now the new website platform will provide a greater ability to do it.

The Frog-Blog is a way of feeding back into the SQL Server Business Intelligence community. All of us at Purple Frog Systems have benefited greatly over the years from people putting the time and effort into blogs and user groups, and feel that they are a vital part of the community, which we’re proud to be a part of. If you have a topic or problem that you’d like us to address on the blog, feel free to get in touch using the contact us page.