Archive: December 2013

  • SSAS Tabular – NUMA and CPU Cores Performance

    [UPDATE] After further investigation, I found that the tests in this post were inacurate and the results unreliable. Updated NUMA test results here In my last post (SSAS Tabular Performance – DefaultSegmentRowCount) I presented some analysis of the query performance impact of changing the DefaultSegmentRowCount setting. This post describes the next tests that I ran on the same system, investigating the impact of restricting SSAS to just 1…

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  • SSAS Tabular performance – DefaultSegmentRowCount

    I’m currently investigating a poorly performing Tabular model, and came across some interesting test results which seem to contradict the advice in Microsoft’s Performance Tuning of Tabular Models white paper. Some background: 7.6Gb SSAS tabular cube, running on a 2 x CPU 32 core (Xeon E5-2650 2Ghz, 2 x NUMA nodes) server with 144Gb RAM SQL Server 2012 SP1 CU7 Enterprise 167m rows of data in primary fact 80m distinct CustomerKey…

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