SQL Relay 2013 is only a month away!SQL Relay 2013

If you’ve not signed up yet to SQL Relay 2013 then you’d better get in there quick, as 2 of the 8 events are already full…

What is SQL Relay?

A series of 8 SQL Server conferences around the UK, held between 17th June and 27th June. They are FREE to attend (thanks to the generous sponsors!), and each contains a full day of technical talks covering different aspects of SQL Server.

Who’s speaking?

Numerous experts from Microsoft (from the UK and the USA), and more SQL Server MVPs and renowned authors than you can shake a large stick at! These include Kevin Kline, Grant Fritchey, Scott Klein, Andrew Fryer, Jen Stirrup, Chris Webb and loads more. If you don’t know who these people are, then you need to come along and find out! By all means bring any of their books for a personal signing 🙂

The Microsoft SQL Server Product Managers in the UK are presenting the keynote at each event.

Where are they?

All over the UK. Find your nearest event here:

SQL Relay 2013 Map

Event Schedule
Details Date Register
Glasgow Monday 17th June 2013 Register
Leeds Tuesday 18th June 2013 Register
Birmingham Wednesday 19th June 2013 Register
Norwich Thursday 20th June 2013 Register
Cardiff Monday 24th June 2013 Register
Southampton Tuesday 25th June 2013 Register
Reading Wednesday 26th June 2013 Register
London Thursday 27th June 2013 Register

How do you register?

Using the links above!

Where do you find out more?

You can check out photos and details of last year’s Relay events at www.SQLRelay.co.uk

Or click on the link above for each venue to check out the line-up and to register


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