Archive: February 2011

  • Speed up SSIS by using a slower query

    This isn’t a technical blog post of my own, but a shout out to Rob Farley and an excellent blog post explaining how to use SQL’s OPTION (FAST x) hint. He explains how you can speed up an SSIS data flow by slowing down the source query. It may seem illogical at first, but you’ll understand after you go and read Rob’s post! Read Rob’s post here: Speeding up SSIS using OPTION (FAST)

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  • Debug MDX queries using Drillthrough in SSMS

    One of the great features of using Excel to browse an SSAS OLAP cube is the drillthrough ability. If you double click on any cell of an OLAP pivot table, Excel will create a new worksheet containing the top 1000 fact records that went to make up the figure in the selected cell. N.B. The limit of 1000 rows can be altered, as per one of my previous blog posts here. This feature is pretty well known, but not many folk realise how easy it is to…

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