Archive: October 2010

  • Forecasting the Performance of SSIS packages

    SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) packages are used in numerous scenarios for moving data from A to B. Often they are developed and tested against a cutdown, often static, subset of data. One of the problems with this is that yes you’re testing the functionality of the package as it’s being developed, but there’s no way to determine whether the performance will scale up to a full size production environment. This level of testing is…

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  • Deploying MDX calculation scripts with xmla

    If you’re a Business Intelligence developer I assume you have BIDS Helper installed. If not then stop reading this post and go and install it. Now. It adds a number of very useful features to the Business Intelligence Development Studio which provide help with many aspects of SSIS, SSRS and SSAS development. One of my favourite utilities is the Deploy MDX Script function. This takes the calculation script for an SSAS cube (named sets,…

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  • Business Intelligence in the Cloud

    The Cloud is pretty much top of the list of the corporate buzzword bingo phrases at the moment. It's clear what the benefits are from a SAAS perspective, but it's been less clear how the Business Intelligence world will start to make use of it.

    Data Warehousing, Management Information, Cubes, Data Mining etc. all involve a lot of data, usually gigabytes or terrabytes even for medium sized organisations. Internet connectivity (speed and…

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