Archive: May 2008

  • Ranking results from MDX queries

    This post explains how you can create a ranking of data from an OLAP MDX query. This will take the results from the query, and assign a ranking to each row. i.e. 1st, 2nd, 3rd best rows etc. The first thing to do is to decide two things. 1) What measure do you want to rank by 2) What data set are you returning Let’s assume we want to rank all stores by sales value. The basic non-ranked MDX query would be something like this SELECT…

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  • SSRS Report Performance monitoring

    Today’s Frog-Blog top-tips are quite simple ones, but ones that I always find very useful. SSRS Report Performance monitoring. Once you start to build up a few Reporting Services reports, you need to find out how they’re performing, whether any particular reports are causing the server problems and even which users are running which reports. The following set of queries should point you in the right direction. They should all be run…

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