A number of our customers have reporting systems that use both MDX and SQL, retrieving data from both OLAP and SQL Server databases. This generates the problem of converting an MDX field ([Dimension].[Hierarchy].&[Attribute]) into SQL Server field value (Attribute). The following code is a Reporting Services custom code section that will rip off the MDX and leave you with the value.

    Public Function MDXParamToSQL(Parameter As String, All As String) As String

        Dim Val As String
        Val = Parameter

        If Val.Contains(“[“) Then
            If Val.ToLower().Contains(“].[all]”) Then
                Return All
                Val = Val.Substring(1, Val.LastIndexOf(“]”) – 1)
                Val = Val.Substring(Val.LastIndexOf(“[“) + 1)
                Return Val
            End If
            Return Val
        End If

    End Function

Lets say that you have a report using an MDX dataset, if you want to call a drillthrough report based on SQL Server you will need to pass at least one attribute through as a parameter to filter the second report. If you add the code above to the custom code section, you can set the parameter value of the second report to


The second report will then just receive the member name, not the full MDX unique identifier.

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