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Data Warehouse and OLAP Cube Consultancy

We specialise in building customised Business Intelligence, Data Warehouse and OLAP Cube solutions that put the right information in the hands of the right people at the right time.

Data Warehousing - OLAP Cubes - ETL Systems - SharePoint - Reporting Systems

SQL Server - Analysis Services - Integration Services - Reporting Services

SharePoint - PerformancePoint - PowerPivot - PowerView - QlikView



Data Warehouse, OLAP Cube, Dashboard or Reporting Projects

Build a data warehouse

If you have multiple sources of data that you need to report on then we can build you a data warehouse to bring it all together. We'll model the data for you and design the ETL system to load your data on a regular basis.

Cube Development

If you have a data warehouse, or a suitable transactional database, then we can build you an OLAP cube, PowerPivot or QlikView data analysis system using your data.

Dashboard/Report Design

If you already have a data warehouse, OLAP cube or PowerPivot workbook, we can create dashboards or reports for you in PowerPivot, PerformancePoint, PowerView, Reporting Services or QlikView.


All of these services can be delivered either as a proof of concept or production ready

chargeable by the day or on a fixed price basis to suit you.

Business Intelligence Mentoring

We can also help guide your existing SQL Server development team, ensuring that your BI project sets off on the right path and helping you overcome any obsticles you may encounter along the way.


Why Purple Frog?

Technical Experts

Purple Frog is a small group of highly experienced data warehouse consultants and business intelligence technology experts. We've all been working with Microsoft SQL Server Business Intelligence tools since SQL Server 2000. Whatever the project, from data cleansing, data modelling and data warehousing to ETL, OLAP cubes and data mining, we will provide you with a dedicated lead consultant who has the necessary BI experience and the right mix of skills for your project. Your BI consultant will stay with you for the duration of the project.


Rapid Delivery

By using only the very best Business Intelligence and Data Warehouse consultants, we are able to deliver outstanding results in exceptionally short timescales.


The Vitruvian Frog

Highly Experienced

What makes us stand out from the rest of the field is our industry experience. Our experts have all spent many years working at both a technical and management/director level. You can be confident that we will understand your business needs, and design you the data warehouse or OLAP cube solution that you need.

Industry Knowledge

Collectively we have implemented data warehousing and other business intelligence solutions for industries as diverse as banking, casinos, websites, insurance, retail, risk management, aerospace and others. This means that we're not only able to provide a consultant with the necessary industry experience, but also enhance your project by utilising business intelligence techniques developed for other verticals.



'Knowledge is a process of piling up facts; wisdom lies in their simplification' - Martin Fischer


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